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A Child’s First Dental Appointment Should Happen At Age One

Welcome to Blooming Smiles, your local Northridge and Woodland Hills pediatric dentist dedicated to helping kids and their parents enjoy the benefits of exceptional oral health care. Our team is focused on making sure that every young patient visiting us receives the very best of care. Early dental checkups and regular teeth cleanings help ensure that a child enjoys a lifetime of strong teeth and healthy gums. By preventing conditions such as cavities and tooth decay, we help people experience the benefits that come from optimal oral health.

There are a few critical periods when children benefit most from seeing a children’s’ dentist. An age one dental visit is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry for many reasons. For instance:

  • Even though teeth may be barely visible, growth is still happening underneath the gum tissue. A dentist can determine if the growth cycles are occurring in the most optimal manner.
  • Problems that may not be evident to parents can be spotted by an experienced dentist.
  • Early detection can play an important role in effective treatment of emerging concerns.
  • The dentist will discuss milestones, at-home dental hygiene, and other important information with the parents.
  • Subsequent visits to the dentist can be less stressful thanks to early exposure to this location.
  • Your first visit to a pediatric dentist is going to be very important, so be sure to prepare.

GettyImages-464807414Getting Ready For Baby's First Dental Appointment

In order to concentrate on the new patient, parents should consider leaving other children at home. If possible, both parents should come to the appointment so both will receive important information from the dentist. It is important that all caregivers should understand how to provide oral hygiene care for the youngest member of the family.

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