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Excellent Oral Health for Life

Baby teeth are just for practice… right? They fall out eventually, so why even bother taking proper care of them? This is a fatal mistake many parents are guilty of making; the truth is, healthy teeth and gums are an essential part of a happy childhood!

At Blooming Smiles Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics, we want your kids to know the joys of clean teeth and healthy gums. Allow our Woodland Hills and Northridge pediatric dentist teams to help protect the lifelong oral health of your children with our quality dental care.

Child brushing her tongueTooth Decay: The Most Common Childhood Illness

Many people are not aware that tooth decay is in fact the single most prolific childhood illness! Through a combination of neglect and poor diet, children often develop this condition - and it can subsequently result in oral pain, tooth loss, and even chronic bad breath.

Unlike other common diseases, there is no vaccination to ward against it, and the damage doesn’t heal on its own. Additionally, poor oral health puts strain on the body’s immune system, which then makes your child more susceptible to other nasty bugs.

Where to Begin with the Child Care Health Solutions

We encourage our patients to foster the habit of proper teeth cleaning in their children at an early age. Set an example and demonstrate adequate brushing and flossing techniques, such as:

  • Infant Dental Care – Use a damp cloth on the gums to stimulate healthy growth.

  • Small Children – Make flossing and brushing a nightly habit by the age of three.

  • Through the Tween Years – Keep monitoring your child’s routines to ensure proper care.

pexels-photo-774910 It’s always beneficial to start young, but you can still help your older kids improve as well. Be persistent. Most researchers agree: it takes about 21 days to change an existing habit, but building new habits require at least 90 days of consistent flossing and brushing.

Furthermore, don’t forget to attend regular checkups with our office for deep cleaning and exams twice a year. Our hygienists scrub away built-up plaque and tartar to ensure healthy growth of gums and reduce the risk of complications for developing adult teeth.

Start on a Treatment Plan

At Blooming Smiles, we specialize in working with very young children and ensuring they receive the highest quality treatment. Contact our Northridge or Woodland Hills pediatric dentistry office to schedule an appointment for your young ones today. We can’t wait to see your smile!