The iTero Scanner Helps You Get Better Braces

The iTero Scanner Helps You Get Better Braces

When a child's baby teeth fall out and the adult teeth begin to come in, there are often imperfections. For some, the imperfections are minor, such as a crooked tooth or two. For others, the issues are major and require major orthodontic treatment. Regardless of which type of treatment your child needs, Blooming Smiles is ready to help. Our family orthodontics team uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure we build the best braces to meet your child's needs and create healthier, happier smiles. One way we achieve this is through the use of the iTero Scanner.

What is an iTero Scanner?

When someone needs braces, the treatment requires unique digital impressions of the person's teeth. An iTero scanner is an innovative machine that makes it easier to produce more accurate impressions. Our experienced orthodontists use the iTero machine to create a 3D design of our patient's teeth and bite. We accomplish this by using a small camera that gently moves around the mouth and takes pictures. This way, we get an accurate scale to create the best-fitting set of braces.

Benefits of the iTero Machine

Digital scans of the teeth and mouth offer several benefits for both the patient and the orthodontist. Most importantly, they are much more accurate. The higher accuracy ensures a better-fitting set of braces, which in turn means fewer visits to the orthodontist and a lower bill. The scanner is also more efficient than traditional fitting methods, avoiding the potential mess and discomfort of putties and bulky bite trays. And finally, the iTero scanner means highly customized braces for a healthier smile than what traditional braces may create.

iTero and Invisalign

One question that many of our patients ask is whether our Northridge and Woodland Hills dentists can use the iTero scanner to fit Invisalign braces. The answer is a resounding yes! Even if you only have minor misalignments, our iTero machine is incredibly accurate when creating 3D images of the mouths of patients who only want to use Invisalign. The entire process is much easier from start to finish and guarantees the bright and healthy smile that you deserve.

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