Adolescent Treatment

Teen years are a great time for visiting a Northridge orthodontist! Here at Blooming Smiles, we help patients of all ages enjoy a healthy, attractive smile. Malocclusions (bite misalignments) identified in childhood do not always require immediate treatment and parents are sometimes counseled to wait until their child is older before pursuing orthodontic care. In some cases, permanent adult teeth develop malocclusions as they emerge and so require correction at that point. No matter what brings you to us, we are happy you choose Dr. Sanjideh, Dr. Golian, and the rest of the Blooming Smiles team for your family’s oral health care.

Adolescence Is A Great Time For Orthodontic Care

You might imagine that young children are the most frequent recipients of braces. Actually, children, teens, and adults all receive orthodontic care with the help of different types of braces. Adolescence is a great time for treating malocclusions for many reasons:

  • By the age of 11 – 13 all baby teeth have been lost and adult teeth are emerging
  • The body grows rapidly during adolescence so orthodontic concerns can be easier to treat at this time
  • Teens can more responsibly care for braces and retainers

Many teens go through orthodontic treatment once their set of adult teeth has emerged. In fact, your child probably has many classmates and friends who will also receive orthodontic treatment at this time of life.


The Treatment Process

Treating malocclusions begins with an evaluation with a Northridge or Woodland Hills orthodontist. X-ray images will be taken of the mouth to get a closer look at how teeth are positioned. The doctor will then make a recommendation regarding which type of braces is best suited for treating a patient’s particular concern. Metal braces, lingual braces, clear braces, and clear aligners all give great outcomes and can be fitted in a short amount of time.

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