Types of Braces

Braces Options In Northridge & Woodland Hills

When patients are first told they need orthodontics, many of them aren’t aware of what a wide range of choices exists. Previously, metal braces were the standard go-to, but now patients can be more selective of what best fits their individual needs. Today’s options include a selection of both tried and true standards, as well as innovative new alternatives that provide patients with greater comfort and fewer lifestyle changes. If you recently discovered you need braces, Blooming Smiles wants to be your Woodland Hills or Northridge location for family dentistry and orthodontics.

Traditional Braces

metal-bracesThe oldest and most common form of braces is metal braces that have a wire running between the brackets. They are adjusted periodically as treatment continues, and they produce amazing results even when there are serious alignment changes to be made. Ceramic braces are built similarly, but their use of non-metallic parts allows a lower profile appearance. However, it should be noticed that the ties used in place of metal wire may discolor between treatments. Most parents in the Los Angeles County area opt for either ceramic or metal braces for their kids, although the demand for other styles is growing.

In-Ovation Models


The In-Ovation model braces use an adjustable clip instead of traditional wires. Additionally, they also utilize a self-litigating bracket system. Both models we offer have been reported to be more comfortable than traditional braces by our patients.

  • In-Ovation C: Smaller and stronger than traditional braces, they also provide more control during treatment. This model is also ceramic, which means the braces are translucent, making them less visible.

  • In-Ovation R: Patients report this model gets quicker results, resulting in fewer visits and an easier path to the smile patients want.


clear-alignersThis clear aligner tray system has many imitators, but its success is unique. The design allows for mild to moderate alignment adjustments with very little change in a patient’s daily routine. How? Unlike other types of braces, these aligner trays are removable and only need to be worn for 22 hours a day. That means no changes to diet or daily routine are necessary and they can even be removed for public speaking. Another bonus is that they’re nearly invisible when worn, so it’s easy to keep them in for the full time each day.

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