Dental Health

The team at Blooming Smiles stays on top of all the latest news in our industry, and the latest research confirms what we have known for a long time: dental health is connected to overall health and well-being. As a premier Northridge and Woodland Hills pediatric dentist office, we love helping our patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. We know the secret to keeping it stunning well into their adult years will be proper oral hygiene habits. 

How Important Is Oral Hygiene?

Never underestimate the importance of proper oral hygiene and dental health. Lifelong, strong, healthy teeth and gums begin in childhood. In fact, research has shown that the most common form of chronic disease in children is tooth decay, affecting a large majority of first graders all the way through to high school graduates. Here are some tips to help you establish good oral hygiene routines for your children:

Start In Infancy – Clean your infant’s gums with a soft, wet washcloth. Not only will it effectively remove food particles, but it will also stimulate the gum tissue. 

Teach Toddlers – Teach your child at age three how to properly brush their teeth using a soft-bristled brush and small circular motions. 

Supervise Tooth Brushing – Continue to monitor your child until age seven or eight as they brush their teeth. This will ensure they have the correct motions and steps in place for lifelong dental health. 

Schedule Regular Dental Visits
– Meet twice a year with the team at Blooming Smiles to ensure your child’s teeth are professionally cleaned and to watch for developmental problems. 

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